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M1 Garand Receivers SA WRA HRA

M1 Garand Receiver offerings include Springfield SA Winchester WRA Harrington & Richardson HRA and occasionally an International Harvester IHC Receivers. *** Currently offering M1 Garand Receivers on auction. Preview of on sale receivers below*** ** We WILL Sell/Transfer Items to CALIFORNIA, we are registered with DOJ. CA Residents MUST have receiving Dealer send 01 FFL and CEFFL# to facilitate transfers!!! Periodically, we sell M1 Garand Receivers but NOT on our site. They will be put for auction and a link will be posted below. Note, we ARE an 01 FFL so all NFA rules apply to transfers. C&R Info: A Stripped M1 Garand RECEIVER IS NOT a C&R item and MUST be transferred to a licensed FFL Dealer (Type 01/02/07/08).