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About Us

badges.jpgAmmoGarand is a hobby gone wild. I'm a one man operation and retired after doing 26 years in the Army. As an ex Infantry guy I love all Weapons but the Classic M1 Garand has been my favorite and my focus. I strive to provide a service to others now with quality original and new production Parts, 30-06 Ammunition and Accessories. You'll also find a scattering of 1903 Springfield, M1 Carbine, 1911 .45 and other stuff but M1 Garands are the main effort. All Parts/Items offered are described and listed with condition and in sequence as to where they would appear in the historical serial number range of production the parts were observed on Rifles. My Site is also meant to serve as a reference source for parts through items for sale and items that have passed to my “Reference Only” section.


ENJOY the “Bunker” picture of some of my toys! One is just NOT enough!



26yrs of Service to God & Country