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Terms of Service

TERMS OF SERVICE, PackRats Collectibles, LLC


*** READ Terms of Service BEFORE contacting us with questions!


PackRats Collectibles, LLC

P.O. Box 2133

Greer, SC 29652-2133

Ph: 864-430-7790

(Phone Hours- 11am-3pm Tue-Thurs., EST)

Fax#: (864) 469-3094

Contact Email:

(use this email to send us your scanned documents for orders)

ONLINE ORDERS: Information is Secured with SSL encrypted checkout to protect the integrity of your personal information.

MAIL-IN ORDERING: ** USPS Money Order / Certified Funds ONLY for Mail-In Orders. Place order online and select "Mail in payment" option in billing section on the credit card pull-down menu. Mail payment along with required documents to address above for order to be processed.

SALES TAX: All orders with point of delivery in South Carolina will see a 6% SC sales tax on order.


*** NO Ammunition Sales to ANYONE under 21yrs of age! ***

Buyers are REQUIRED to submit:

1. Proof of age, a Govt/State issued DL/PHOTO ID / Age Verification document

**Note: Effective 1 Aug 2020 we are NO LONGER offering the "Adult Signature" option for any Ammunition. All Ammunition purchases will REQUIRE valid ID to be submitted if not already on file with us. Sorry but too many issues with the folks trying to abuse that option.

2. You must agree to "Ammunition Statement" during checkout process to confirm none of the legal criteria that would prevent you from purchasing ammunition applies to you.

* ORDERS WILL BE **CANCELLED** if Documents are not received within 3 business days of placing order.
**Documents submitted will kept on file and WILL NOT have to be provided for future orders unless address or information changes.
***Ammunition ships UPS Ground as it is HAZMAT.

Documents Submission: Scan/email, fax or send by mail. Documents MUST be received in order to process Orders, otherwise they will NOT be processed. Info submitted will be kept on file for future orders so it will NOT be required again for return customers. Customer information is kept private and is NOT sold or shared with third parties. Information on file will be destroyed after 2 years.





Buyer is responsible to check for other Local & State laws BEFORE ordering. Ammunition ships UPS Ground. NO ammo deliveries to P.O Boxes.

NO Ammunition Sales to: HI, AK, Washington DC, Chicago/Cook County- Illinois, PR. Orders from these areas WILL be cancelled immediately!

California - No Ammo Sales

Connecticut - A legible copy of state issued identification and one of the following is required to purchase ammunition:
* valid CT permit to carry a pistol or revolver OR
* valid CT long gun eligibility certificate OR
* valid CT ammunition certificate

Illinois - Must have current copy of FOID card and State Photo Identification, No sales of ammunition and/or magazines to the City of Chicago/Cook County.

Massachusetts - Ammunition can only be shipped to 01/FFL Dealers. MA orders must be called in and receiving Dealer FFL must be sent in.

New Jersey - Firearms/Ammunition identification card and State Photo Identification must accompany ammunition orders for first time orders.

New York - Effective 1 Aug 20 - NO Ammo Sales to NY.

*** NO Incendiary/Tracer sales to AK, CA, CT, HI, MA, NYC or DC.

*** NO AP sales to AK; AL; FL; CT; HI; IL; MA; NJ; NYC; Reno, NV; NY; OK; RI.

*** NO Steel Core sales to CT, HI, NJ, NYC, RI, D.C., MA.

** HI-CAP MAGAZINE / Clip Restrictions **

1 to 5 round Magazines:

Cannot be shipped to Washington, D.C.; Marin, Napa, Ventura, or Yolo Counties, CA; MA; Canada; or Puerto Rico.

6 to 10 round Magazines:

Cannot be shipped to Washington, D.C.; New York City; Marin, Napa, Ventura, or Yolo Counties, CA; MA; Canada; or Puerto Rico.

11 to 15 round Magazines:

Cannot be shipped to Washington, D.C.; CA; CT; HI; Aurora, Calumet Park, Chicago, Cook County, Dolton, Hazel Crest, Highland Park, Homewood, North Chicago, or Skokie, IL; MA; MD; NY; Canada; or Puerto Rico.

16 to 50 round Magazines;

Cannot be shipped to Washington, D.C.; CA; CO; CT; HI; Aurora, Calumet Park, Chicago, Cook County, Dolton, Hazel Crest, Highland Park, Homewood, North Chicago, or Skokie, IL; MA; MD; NJ; NY; Canada; or Puerto Rico.

** No magazine / clip sales to: minors, convicted felons, those convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic abuse or chemically dependent. MUST be 18 and have no legal disabilities to order.

**Ammo/Magazines: Buyer is responsible for checking other State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering Magazines/Clips or Ammo.



- All Firearms / Receivers and NFA Items will ONLY be shipped to Federally Licensed Dealers. 

** We are an 01 FFL Dealer and will Sell/Transfer Items to 01/02/07/08 License Holders. We are registered with CA DOJ for transfers to CA Residents but MUST have receiving Dealer provide 01 FFL and CEFFL# to facilitate transfers!!!

** We will not provide any transfers to 03 C&R holders.

C&R Info (Provided by ATF):

A Stripped M1 Garand RECEIVER IS NOT a C&R item and MUST be transferred to a licensed FFL Dealer (Type 01/02/07/08).

The ATF website at states the following:

The definition for curio or relic (“C & R”) firearms found in 27 CFR § 478.11 does not specifically state that a firearm must be in its original condition to be classified as a C&R firearm. However, ATF Ruling 85-10, which discusses the importation of military C&R firearms, notes that they must be in original configuration and adds that a receiver is not a C&R item. Combining this ruling and the definition of C&R firearms, the Firearms Technology Branch (FTB) has concluded that a firearm must be in its original condition to be considered a C&R weapon.

It is also the opinion of FTB, however, that a minor change such as the addition of scope mounts, non-original sights, or sling swivels would not remove a firearm from its original condition. Moreover, we have determined that replacing particular firearms parts with new parts that are made to the original design would also be acceptable-for example, replacing a cracked M1 Grand stock with a new wooden stock of the same design, but replacing the original firearm stock with a plastic stock would change its classification as a C&R item.

As a result of ATF guidance we have determined that barreled receivers or "most" of a M1 does NOT qualify it as a C&R weapon. The firearm must be complete and in original condition except for minor repairs or additions that are consistent with the original design. For example, modified M1's are NOT TREATED AS C&R if they have been modified from their ORIGINAL state, (e.g. re-parkerizing a rifle is a production process and NEGATES the C&R qualification as the park process is a manufacturing process and constitutes NEW manufacture!!) A good example of this is a 1944 M1 put thru the 60's era rebuild program at Army Depot. The weapon is electro-penciled “SA 5-66" on receiver leg to indicate rebuild. This 1944 rifle is NO LONGER C&R eligible as it was rebuilt through a subsequent manufacturing process in 1966 (at least until the 50yr rule takes it to 2016 now before it become C&R again).