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30-06 / .308 M1 Garand Ammo M2 Ball AP API M25 M72

30-06 / .308 M1 Garand Ammo. 30-06 M2 Ball AP API M25 M72 Ammunition that is M1 Garand friendly as well as .308 Garand/M14 Ammo. We offer USGI Surplus, Foreign equivalents and new commercially produced M1 Garand Ammo that is SAFE for shooting in Garands. Myths: "You need and adjustable gas screw for commercial ammo". Sure, if you want to mess with more expensive ammo NOT loaded for the Garand! Why waste the time and money when affordable Garand friendly ammo is readily available!

*** READ "Terms of Service" PRIOR to ordering Ammunition! **Copy of valid ID (ie. Driver Lic copy, FFL etc) is REQUIRED to purchase Ammo if not already on file with us. ID's can be faxed, emailed, texted or snail mailed. See Terms of Service for info.