Welcome to the New AmmoGarand One Stop!

Site Updates

siteupdte1.jpg13 SEPT 2021

Welcome to the NEW Site! 


13 Sept:

- Ongoing work on section cleanup. Changes daily. 

- Op Rods / Bayonets / Stocks.....coming soon

- Ammo: Plan to cut some loose 13 Sept. Small amounts and rolling adds to site.  


** Old Accounts: Note for folks who had accounts on the old site (prior to May). You will have to re-register on the new site as platform/host change did NOT carry over.

** ID's on File:  Customers who bought Ammo in the past we'll have to research to see if we still have ID's. Best to just send in new copies when ordering as we only have 2-years of old data, we dump after that.

*** Note:  We have a LOT of Reference items on the site for informational use so if NO Price on an item, it's Reference Only!




26 May:

We've been upgrading and improving features available to our Customers to hopefully make things easier for all!

**We're still fine tuning so expect some Temp Closures while we fix the bugs!


Some Good things on the new look:

- "Notify" when in stock option is now available

- Account creation has been added back in

- Improved/upgraded Security

- "Wish List" added so you will get notified when I do post some of the goodies in the Reference Section in the future.

- Firearms:  Yep! We're going to start selling Firearms DIRECTLY on our new Site!!

- Blog: Added this to post informational tidbits on items I get asked about a lot and other good info.

- Upgraded card processor so if you typo something, you can fix instantly


Last Site I improved constantly over the last 10 years, this move takes things into the future!